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after this I'm gonna sit back and learn.

Ladies and gents, I think this is a wonderful idea. I'm Alice from Cleveland....

I do musicky things for a living and I'm a waitress. I joined curvygirls to help myself with body acceptance, and through that community found this one.

My thoughts and experience are as follows: my mother, god bless her, spent years studying dance. That didn't pan out, but she continued to diet like a dancer. For the twenty years I lived in the house I remember her eating half a salad for lunch and a few bites of dinner. When she was nine months pregnant she weighed 115 pounds. And for years and years and years, she was "on a diet." She used to run or swim every single day, and she never really lost any weight.

What I think happened is that, in fact, she slowed down her metabolism so much that she started gaining weight like crazy as she got older and hormones kicked in. But that's just my theory.

I have my own history with dieting, too. The best story I have to give is that I have a fella who spoils me rotten. He encourages me to order pie, to have another piece of chocolate, to eat ice cream, etc. When I gained a few pounds after living carefree like this, I realized that those are the happiest pounds of my life. They came when somebody who loves me told me to stop worrying so much and enjoy food.

I probably won't be very USEFUL here. I am very confused by dieting, and I can't tell what's supposed to be healthy and what's not anymore. Sometimes I believe there's a conspiracy, in which McDonalds and other restaurants sell us way too much damn food because that's cheaper than actual healthy stuff, and then we take TrimSpa or buy Bowflexes or sign onto AtkinsSouthBeach in order to lose that weight. And sometimes I think, well, the Abs and South Beach diets seem to be emphasize eating foods that have protein, fiber, and other nutrients, so maybe those are good dietary guidelines after all?

Anyway, the whole things confuses me and I do believe that diets do a hell of a lot more harm than good. I'm happy to sit back from now on and read what you guys (who are more informed than I) have to say!

Thank you for creating this.
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