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i promised you a topic outline

Some topics that need to be explored in the book (please throw out ideas on these topics or on other things that should be covered)

Proof that it doesn’t work

-how people have become more and more obese as the obsession with weightloss has increased
-actual percent of dieters who keep weight off
-how countries most interested in weightloss become heaviest

Why it doesn’t work
-Set points and physical starvation mode (and bodies decision that it must store more fat after periods of famine)
-deprivation mindset leads to binging both out of physical incredible hunger and out of over-romanticizing food (studies that show that people who restrict actually end up eating more)
-all or nothing mindset (how people gain weight before beginning diets, etc)

The effects of dieting on the body
-causes one to gain weight in the long-run
-studies on the health of yo-yo dieters versus steadily overweight people
-studies that show effects of starvation mode (especially in terms of causing obsessive compulsive behaviors)

Disprove idea that weightloss would really improve health
-find actual studies that are used to show this and show how largely they don’t apply as much as they are used
-studies on active overweight people
-lack of studies on people who’ve lost weight and kept it off because there aren’t enough people that have done so to study them so all studies just compare the naturally fat to the naturally thin
-proof that fitness is more important an indicator of health than weight

Psycological and political effects of dieting
-our society’s obsession with weightloss keeps overweight women powerless and ashamed
-people postpone happiness until they are thin (never chose to be happy in the moment)
-allows people to blame situation (their weight problem) for their unhappiness
-keeps diet industry rich and therefore powerful, perpetuates these ideals onto another generation

Eating Disorders
-they suck (this is important – they will be so far from glamorized in this book – we will show how much it sucks to be stuck in one)
-they’re a natural result of dieting, not only developed by the naturally psychotic (why this cycle naturally develops – bodies obsessive response to starvation as a survival instinct + studies proving this)
-studies showing percent of EDs that began as diet and percent of dieters who will develop EDs
-coe never cured by diets, usually perpetuated by them

What to do now
-love your body enough to choose to nourish it
-live in the moment, starting today
-swear off rules and swearing things off, just right now, make a good choice

Success Stories
-stories from people who quit dieting
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