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2 questions

Do we know if any research has been done on the following question:

It is my impression that ideal weight charts were first determined twenty years ago or so. In the last twenty years, more and more foods have been genetically engineered and growth-hormoned.

I think Americans in particular are growing, each generation: evidenced by vintage dress sizes, by shoe size, by heights. I think that almost all of us are taller than our parents with bigger feet, and that we women reached physical maturity at an earlier age and kept growing. (I don't know if any of you guys can borrow your mom's shoes, but it seems that there is a *growing* trend! groan)

I had a very creepy teacher who mentioned that he tried to go hunting in order to feed his family organic meat - he went on to mention that women are getting their chests younger and younger.

I wonder if so many Americans are 'overweight' because we've grown since the charts were made?

Question two:
what are BMI charts based on? Why don't they take frame into account? How does BMI really relate to health? Is there true science to back it up?
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