Rae (lo_que_sea) wrote in dietcampaign,

greetings to our two new members!!!! :D :D

So, obviously, we don't have very many people yet, but I know a couple others who I think are planning on joining and I just posted this to one other community where we might get a couple of people.  If you guys have any other places that you'd like to advertise, feel free. 

I'm really glad to have the two of you, though.  ladyoracle I know from eljay and heavensoverated I checked out your userinfo and such before I approved you and I really think you're both exactly the type of people I was hoping would be intersted.  I'll post a rough topic outline soon, so you guys can get an idea of the type of stuff that would be good to post, but in the meantime, if you just want to introduce yourselves or if you want to write about your experience with dieting (or of course if you run across any studies you think could be relevant), please please post.  Just saying hi would even be great to get the community active.  But my point mostly is, welcome! :)


<3 <3 <3

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