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The Campaign to End Dieting

and all friendlier sounding words that really mean dieting

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This is a space for research and collaboration on a book intended to help crush the diet industry and to correct conventional wisdom about diets. If you're interested in working on such a project, join us, and help make a difference.

The basic idea of the book: There's all this research out there that proves that dieting isn't actually good for you, that the idea that weightloss improves your health was mostly just a distortion of a couple of studies used by the diet industry to sell products, but all of the research that exists on a million different facets of the effects of dieting has never really been brought together and made accessible to the public. The book would be largely about those studies, about why dieting doesn't work and about how it harms your body, but it would also be about empowerment, about the political and psycological effects of dieting and about how to finally say no. I'd also just like people to write their stories, people who've finally gotten out of the cycle to write about how it's changed their lives.